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Personalized Care At Scale

  • Caregivers accurately capture health and wellness data based on what they see

  • Artificial Intelligence processes images into precise, concise clinical information

  • Interventions are reviewed and validated by licensed clinical professionals

  • Med inventory and fall screens are consistently captured for AWV and TCM programs

  • New data sources can be monitored that effect Social Determinants of Health

  • 10x the impact of caregivers and reach of licensed professionals

See it in Action

Essential Data, Delivered Effortlessly.

Our passion is building AI powered products that work seamlessly together, enhance the capability of care teams, and improve the health and wellness of seniors living at home or in retirement communities.


Build an accurate list of client medications. Inventory all prescription, over the counter, vitamins and supplements. Pinpoint duplicate therapies, spot contraindications, and highlight medication that increase fall risk. Everything is automated and in one package.


Reduce falls and impact the largest health risk facing older adults. Consistently assess clients with CDC approved Timed Up & Go, Sit to Stand, and Balance Stand functional screens. Monitor individual results over time to show progress or identify potential fall risks.


Monitor pressure ulcers and bed sores consistently, track the healing progress, and identify potential infections. Stage the wound, identify infected skin, and see a time lapse view of the healing process. Identify related medication and mobility factors that impact wound healing.


Assess cognition with clinically validated standardized assessment tools. Capture results consistently across client populations and monitor individual client progress over time. Identify cognitive impairment that may be amplified due to medication or fall risk factors.

Powering Efficient, Effective Visits

Nursing assistants, community health workers, and non-clinical staff make the most of every client interaction though program specific data collection personalized to each patient and enabled by the WizeView apps on iOS and Android.

Assess, Intervene, and Transform

Thanks to AI, remote nurses, pharmacists or social workers can assess results and direct efficient and program specific actions – alert clients to medications that contribute to falls, recommend balance classes to reduce falls, or highlight anomalies in gait when comparing current TUG video with past results.

Medication Image Analysis

AI transcribes medication label, identifies duplicates and drug interactions

Fall Risk Functional Video Analysis

AI scores TUG screen, counts 30 second Sit / Stand sequences, assesses gait, & measures stride length

Have a trusted advisor at your side.

WizeReview provides nurses, pharmacists, and social workers to perform clinical review services that can supplement your team

We offer engaging fall prevention and medication management seminars to CCRCs featuring national experts

New customers receive hands-on training and access to a library of on-line training programs to get your team immediately productive and using WizeView


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